Nicole has been in the BPO trenches just like you and she knows from personal experience just how important it is to have efficient systems, proven tools and processes set up. When you work with her you will benefit directly from her extensive background, knowledge and experience in the BPO industry.

Nicole has worked for over 35+ different BPO, REO and Asset management companies in the span of 5 years and has completed over 1,000 BPO's. She also lead a successful BPO team and incorporated BPO AutoFill software.

Broker Price Opinion: Coaching, Training, Consulting

Accredited Training Material

"Nobody has more knowledge and expertise when it comes to Broker Price Opinions than Nicole Ocean. She has a broad, comprehensive view of the industry, coupled with a deep technical grasp & solid regulatory knowledge of the industry that is simply unparalleled. I'm very well connected in the real estate industry, and to the best of my knowledge she is the #1 expert on BPO's in the United States."

Tim Ventura, Vice President / Marketing Director for Tim and Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching

Our founder, Nicole Ocean, is a career BPO professional and previously WA state-certified real estate instructor. We've used her: firsthand industry knowledge, her personal experience and from input shared by users of her BPO software to incorporate industry best-practices into all our training material and our products. Click here to view Nicole's resume.

Nicole has also helped thousands of real estate professionals all across the United States in the past 10+ years and loves helping make a difference and impact through her services.

Certified Real Estate Instructor

"Broker Price Opinion Basics 101" was the first- clock-hour approved, accredited course in the BPO and REO Industry. It was approved by the Washington state Dept. of Real Estate Board in June of 2010 and taught as a live course through Nicole's previously accredited real estate school, BPO University.

Currently, we offer non-accredited live or distance learning courses that are available to everyone regardless of location. Our one-on-one and group coaching is available nationwide or at our local BPO Training Center.

First-Hand Industry Experience

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